If You Can Imagine It, It’s Probably Already Happened

A past partner of mine said to me, “If you can imagine it, it’s probably already happened! Think of anything!” . You have a big forehead? Well someone is in it! Do you have bald spot? Oh you can bet your ass there is one in this!! You do weird things in bed and feel ashamed for it? Honey someone is out there in the same stuff and you just don’t know them yet! crazy but so true

3 thoughts on “If You Can Imagine It, It’s Probably Already Happened

  1. Gap tooth is considered beautiful in some African countries.

    This is why we have such a huge variety in the human species, big people, small people, slender people, wide people, big assets, and small assets.

    My personal favourite one is a tribe that considers the amount of cum a man can produce to be appealing 😀

  2. i have many kinks and i try to make that with my partner, we are open mind , but we are no swingers or similar , just we enjoy the bed time.

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