i was giving her bj but she stopped me

Was basically hooking up with this guy, we had sex an hour ago. He asked me to go under him, so I did. His legs were shaking and he was throwing his head back saying he felt good. And he was pressing my hand very hard. Then from where he said “omg bas ho gaya” and again praised me. I was thinking if it feels so good why would he ask me to stop?

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  1. Maybe he’s practising semen retention.. He may be saving himself from ejaculation on every encounter…

    Honestly, you need to ask him as only he will know.

  2. I’m thinking you got him over the top and there was nothing left it the tank! Without a prize at the end you didn’t know and kept going and over sensitized his cock. If that was it you should be commended for your commitment!

  3. Happens with my husband too. Sometimes he can have an orgasm or plateau where it feels like this huge build up and his body gets tense and all his muscles are tight, but then his body resets. he relaxes. He can sit there and let it build again, but he says its like he came without cumming. He will stop me and be totally happy and satisfied.


    I use this to describe the difference between a clitoral orgasm and an orgasm through sex. One orgasm is explosive and what most women consider an orgasm, through oral or clitoral stimulation. The sex orgasm is just this huge plateau that makes me feel high, makes my body twitch and insides twitch, but not the same as the other orgasm. I believe most women think all orgasms have to feel the same so they never really know they are orgasming through sex. It’s different and more of a huge plateau that relaxes and satisfies you, without the typical explosion.

  4. Before orgasm it can become really sensitive then you have to go very gentle.
    Next time when he says “thats enough” just try to go on as gentle as possible, no hard sucking, not much pressure, no vacuum, just gentle.

  5. He probably just knew he wasn’t going to cum and didn’t want to have you continue going down on him with no hope of finishing.

    It might seem abrupt because the actual action of asking someone to stop giving you good head is hilariously hard for a man to do. You kinda have to force yourself to say stop because your whole body is like “wait…wait….wait..just one more minute”.

  6. Did you try intercourse after this? If so, he probably was about to cum and stopped so that he could “save it” for intercourse

  7. I don’t know how old you guys are but when I was younger my cock would get super sensitive after I came. I had this same thing happen to me back then. The bj she was giving me was really good but I had to stop her for this reason. She asked why and I explained it to her and she was fine with it.

  8. Maybe he didn’t think he’d be able to orgasm and he didn’t want to waste your time. It happens to guys too.

  9. I’ve cum before and then later was doing stuff and it felt good, but i knew i was not gonna cum and wanted the girl to stop. But that’s because i knew if i stopped now, it would be easier to cum in a couple hours and overall be better.

  10. He wanted to remain horny. The day before I just ate my gf out and made her enjoy the time, she was caressing me with her hand but I pulled away before orgasming myself. We stayed sleeping naked / spooning the night (I didn’t sleep so well), and then went to work next day. I work from home so I struggled whole day not to touch myself. When she got home I was obviously all over her (but we couldn’t have sex because of kids), and when we finally got to have sex again, the orgasm felt so much better than if I would’ve cummed day before. We’ve been together a long time so she knows I like to do this and often ”denies” me from ejaculating without me asking and pulling away. It is even hotter when I actually want to cum, but she doesn’t allow, and continues teasing only just the right amount to not push me over the edge. Oh that sweet frustration that comes with it. If done long enough, I actually feel much more satisfied even without ejaculating, than after orgasming from ”casual” sex.

  11. my bf’s dick gets too sensitive sometimes and he has to stop cause it gets uncomfortable

  12. Everybody’s different, whatever their genitalia. I enjoy a bj but very rarely do I come like that. It’s comparable to direct stimulation of the clit. Some women like that but most find it too much. It’s kind of *too* intense, becomes almost painful.

    Variety helps. I need a hand job at the same time if there’s any chance in hell of reaching orgasm. Different kinds of strokes, different speeds. But I honestly don’t mind at all not coming at all. Or moving to something else like intercourse

  13. Lol I do this to my wife sometimes and she’s fantastic at BJ’s. Sometimes it’s just too much. Don’t let it get in your head. Just means you were doing great

  14. I would ask him right away “don’t you want to finish?” and/or “is something wrong?”

  15. I actually had this same experience in the past!

    Omfg I didn’t know this was a thing- Okay so like I felt the exact same way.

    He told me it was because his dick was super sensitive and couldn’t handle the sensation- Take that as a compliment! It’s not a bad thing, Everyone’s different and probably the other half was cause I didn’t want them busting in my mouth.

    Hope this helps abit!

  16. Maybe he came? Sometimes when I have sex with m wife and cum a few times and she blows me I cum a dry load. Cum does not always come out when a man orgasms.

  17. I have a longer recovery period than most men (from what I can tell from reading stuff) and can tell you that I’d be overstimulated from that an hour after having sex.


    Did you ask him?

  18. If you don’t know him well maybe he felt awkward to cum in your mouth and didn’t know how to handle it

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