i have two questions

1) I wish my partner was more of a “switch” then they claim to be a sub, how do I talk about this? 2) How do I tell them where the clit is? I’m sick of being embarrassed about it when it’s natural

3 thoughts on “i have two questions

  1. People can’t really pick up the hint. Make them feel confident and dominating.

    It’s natural but for someone that doesn’t have that equipment, some are harder than others to spot.

    Use your words.

  2. Talk with him about dominance and be provocative, make your partner wants you but delay gratification. Make sure he “earns” you by becoming more dominant.

    If you can’t explain with words where the clit is just take his hand and guide him.

  3. 1. You can’t change your partner. You can, however, express that you don’t want to be the dominant one each time and ask how that could happen.

    2. You take off your pants, show them and guide their hand there. You can also use sex ed material or something else off the internet.

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