I don’t get wet anymore. TW – R4pe

Greetings. My name is Bella and I am 18 years old. i need help It was very easy for me to get wet while masturbating or just watching porn. But now I can’t. After I was raped, it was never the same. And it’s killing me. Before this happened I used to masturbate twice a day. Because it helped me sleep. But now I can’t get wet. I have not used lube. I’m afraid it will get everywhere on my bed. The only way for me to endure is to use my dildo and my vibrator at the same time. I will not ejaculate using only the vibrator. But now I can barely put my dildo in because I don’t get wet. It doesn’t matter how much I touch myself or use my vibrator. It just hurts. I also have to put a condom on my dildo to make it a little easier to put on but it still hurts a lot. Besides, I can’t have sex right now. I just keep thinking what happened. Please help me.

2 thoughts on “I don’t get wet anymore. TW – R4pe

  1. Have you talked to a therapist? I think that’d be your best path forward for dealing with your trauma.

  2. You need to see a therapist to process what happened to you. If in the meantime you still want to masturbate – lube is going to be your best option. Theres no reason that it should get everywhere. Apply a little to the tip of your dildo and then rub it all over the shaft. If you still need more you can rub some on your vulva as well. You dont need loads of it.

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