I do not know what to do

I went to this girl’s house (22m) we kissed with her on top of me a little (clothed) while I was sitting on the edge of the bed and I had a boner but when we changed positions she immediately gone. Then we kissed again for a while with him on top of me and the contact turned me on again, time to undress and it went on again. When he tried to foreplay me I couldn’t make it harder. I work out, I eat a really balanced diet, I don’t know what the problem is.

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  1. Do you watch porn? If you’re 22 and still a virgin, you’ve probably been exclusively satisfying all your sexual needs from masturbating to porn for years. You’ve basically programmed your brain to get you hard to porn and watching other people fuck.

    Try laying off porn for a while and your brain should get back to normal.

  2. Its just performance nervousness. Happens only once or twice as boys start exploring sex. You will be fine very soon,maybe next time only.

  3. You’re stressed and maybe have performance anxiety. Just take your time and go slowly.
    Maybe just cuddle or spoon till you get hard, maybe just let her try some stuff on you and relax, tell her what feels good and what not. Touch her body and stimulate her with fingers or mouth. Just have a good time. It’s not all about penetrative sex, it’s okay if your penis is not hard all the time and it needs practice.

  4. The dick wants what the dick wants! Too much up and down, changing positions etc. If you know its headed 😁in that direction get prepared to do it when you’re hard, wherever and whatever position your in. Good luck😛

  5. This definitely sounds like a normal case of performance anxiety. It’s too easy to say “just relax”. If possible, just enjoy each other’s company and allow yourselves to create an opportunity without so much expectation and pressure.

    If you build it, she will cum — and so will you

  6. Happened to me quite a bit when I was a virgin, I was just really anxious and I would keep thinking if the erection was there and that would just make it disappear, try to relax a bit and get comfortable around the girl.

  7. Anxiety man. Evolution has trained us to not get boners while a lion is chasing us. Your lion is the anxiety about the sex. Meditate do anything you can to let go of it. Just be cool

  8. Nervs can definitely do that to you. Stay calm, take your time, and you’ll be alright .

  9. Welcome to the horrors of “the first time” it will get better. Trust me. Almost every single guy is too nervous the first time

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