I (27f) want to ride my boyfriend (27m) but I’m plus size and I’m scared

good afternoon! We’ve been together for a few years now and we’re both sexually inexperienced. We are each other’s first. I am much older than him. I am a size 20/3x while he is a medium if that helps with the spec I want to surprise him on Valentine’s Day and end up riding him. I’m afraid of crushing him and every time I try I start to shake because I don’t know how to hold myself up properly. What are some tips? Is there any way I can “practice” without him? We’re far apart so we don’t have sex often so sometimes it’s hard to try things

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  1. Also a bigger girl who has been with smaller men. Go for it. You won’t hurt them and it feels amazing.

  2. Im not a female but maybe Ride a pillow. Also you won’t smash anyone put you hand on the wall to brace or balance your self

  3. As a man who has slept with bigger girls, it’s awesome. Just start slow, find your grove, and ride him into the sunset

  4. Best thing ever. I love when plus sized women crush me with their weight! A lucky man, you have.

  5. I’m your same size. My guy wears a large. So I get you. My advice is to go with it and try. Getting personal here, I like it on the couch. You can straddle him with one foot on the floor to give yourself more leverage.

  6. Lay on his chest and move your hips. You are distributing your weight and also you will be pushing your boobs on him and that is so fucking sexy.

  7. Squats, stretching the quads the day off you don’t want to pull a muscle, try riding a toy maybe 🤔, and overall make it comfortable for each other and listen to him he will hopefully tell you if it’s uncomfortable. Also, try lotus position ( both siting up grinding together) if your looking for like inbetween cowgirl.

  8. I’m a bigger girl too. Probably about the same size. My boyfriend is also a bigger guy.

    The biggest problem I face personally are that my knees get sore. Otherwise, just get on top of him and do your thing. If your knees do get tired then start grinding. If you need something to hold onto then place your hands in his chest or hold hands.

    You said he’s medium. If he’s got a “beer gut” at all, have him put a pillow under his hips.

    He’ll be able to handle your weight better than you think and I’m sure he’ll tell you if he can’t.

    As far as practicing.. get a dildo about his size and ride it. Grind on it. It’ll help.

  9. I am the same exact size as you, and my boyfriend is the same size as yours, I promise you will be fine, you will not squish him. It’s a learning curve for the both of you, just get on top and figure out what’s comfortable.

  10. Take that ass from him sis . He knew the risks. If he dies he dies.Men love love it when you are enthusiastic and verbally express how you need fucked then make it happen

  11. I find it’s easier if he’s sitting up, preferably on a couch. You can brave yourself better, whether you use him or whatever is behind him, you’ll be closer rather than if he’s laying flat. I also happen to find that angle more enjoyable

  12. Im your size. Pillows for days. Pillow under him to prop his hips up. If you want, pillow for your knees. I usually straddle on my feet tho but can hurt without practice after a long time.

  13. I’m bigger than my partner and I do reverse cowgirl instead. I hold onto his ankles and i feel less self conscious. You won’t hurt him, just avoid using all your strength on him to hold youself up. Use the headboard or try reverse if you need to hold onto something. I have a big ol butt so reverse also favors that view for him.

  14. Jump on and enjoy the ride. He will too!
    Like my husband says there is no other way he’d rather die!

  15. No worries! My wife is about 220 lbs and I’m 155 lbs muscular. Think if he has strong abs he’ll be fine. He’ll love the view!

  16. I’ve been with large women. I wish that you did not feel concerned about this.

    The perceived weight on him is less than you think it will be.

    He will be just fine. Relax, enjoy the sex. He is going to love having his hands free to touch every inch of you.

  17. Ride him! BBWs are the best lovers! Push him down on the bed, climb on top, engage and rock his and your world, too.

  18. Practice! Straddle a pillow while on your knees on the bed and bounce for a while, get your muscles used to the motion. See how far you have to be situated from the edge of the bed to ensure a knee not slip off the edge. Get a bit used to the feeling of your wobbly bits wobbling in that position. In the real moment you will be alternating between staying upright like center stage performance and leaning forward to smoosh boobs in his face etc. you will likely want to steady yourself against a bedframe from time to time so get an idea of where you can grab. I tend to only do that for about a third of a fuck, we either start in missionary then move to me on top then finish in doggy, which i mention just to say it doesn’t have to be the whole time, give it a go and see how it goes.

  19. Lots of stupid comments here for sure. Just talk to him. Tell him what you want to try and see what he thinks. If he wants to try it go for it. You are gf/bf. It’s obvious he loves you and your size doesn’t matter to him. Talk to him. Tell him what you want to try it and if it’s to uncomfortable for him to just tell you and you can stop. Communication is key in all relationships.

  20. (19f) here 🙋🏾‍♀️ I’m super plus size and my man ALWAYS wants me on top of him. My advice would be to make sure you’re super 💦 down there and focus on moving front and back really slowly… Occasionally doing up and down movements. You’ll get a bit tired so you can arch you back and make out with him while you ride… Also, make sure your legs are at the same level, to make it easier for you to move around. Have fun girlie! HE’LL LOVE IT!!

  21. After I got divorced I kinda went wild for a bit. Started seeing a big girl. I’m 5″7 and at the time weighed about 165. The girl was 6″2 and was 350. She got on top. A bunch. I got through it. You both will as well. Seems like most of the advice your getting is good. Have fun.

  22. Most of your wait will be on your legs which will be on the bed. He shouldn’t feel much of it at all

  23. Girl, I’m also plus sized and I even lay on them. The guy’s I had till now we’re all 180-190cm normal build. Not too muscular, but not too thin. While cuddling I will lay on them for a few minutes, distributing my weight equally, they loved it.

    You can ride in different positions:
    – 90 degree angle then the weight is only on his hips, he won’t feel the heaviness

    – 45 degrees on top, here can your stomach get heavy for him. Just readjust or put some pillows under your legs, this way you can’t hurt him.

    -try using your hips. Up and down, without moving your body. Kinda like twerking. It feels amazing for both of you . 👍

    And don’t get insulted if he tells you it’s heavy. Of course it’s heavy, we’re big girls. Just accept it and have fun. 😊

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