How to attract your partner for sex?

After being together for 4 years, it seems that my partner has no desire for sex. And it’s a little hard for me, because I love sex. I understand she might be tired, stressed etc so I don’t push for sex everyday but at least a few times a week but even that is a challenge these days. I have discussed this several times, but things have not improved much. I’ve tried to improve myself, be more attentive to him, give him more free time, take him out more often, don’t ask for sex unless he initiates it, etc., but sometimes The lag is getting too long. I have also tried to diversify my sex life, like having sex in different places, having sex in different positions, buying sex toys for that. He seems to have liked it in the beginning, but then the enthusiasm quickly rolled over. Just a few more details, I try not to force myself or my desired. When we have sex, I spend a lot of time doing foreplay – kissing, hugging, licking her pussy and ass in the hope that this will get her turned on and want to have sex. Any advice from anyone?

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  1. when I left my boyfriend and started looking after myself, my ex-boyfriend started running after me and begging for sex

  2. You can’t talk her into sexual desire.

    You can’t negotiate sexual desire.

    You can communicate about sexual desire. She probably won’t want to, because her honesty will hurt you. It’s up to you if you really want to hear it.

    It sounds like you’re doing pretty well in the way you treat her, in and out of the bedroom (ask about this and confirm). But a big part of desire is what kind of man you are.

    There are things you can do to make yourself sexier that don’t directly involve her. Get in better shape, style clothes better, better grooming of hair and facial hair.

    Some hobbies are sexier than others. Video games are probably one of the least sexy. Which sucks, because they’re also the most fun. But sports, handcrafts, guitar, are all sexier than consumerist recreation. Find a hobby that she can brag about to her friends.

    One last thing is doing good in the community. This isn’t true for everyone, but sometimes seeing someone use their free time to help others can be very sexy.

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