How long do you give oral to women?

I’ve had a few mates, and they’ve never been on me for more than 30 seconds. They say I taste really good and that’s it, they move on. I’ve been going to ask my bf to do it for a long time, but it feels weird that I have to ask. I’m curious, how long do you usually give/receive verbally? And ladies, do you usually climax? Sometimes I can orgasm PIV, but is it selfish that my partner doesn’t try to orgasm me some other way? He hasn’t touched me for more than a minute or two.

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  1. Your partner is ridiculously selfish. You don’t need to put up with that bullshit.

    If I go down on her, she’s having at least one orgasm. I’m happy to stay until she’s done.

    If you care about your partner, why the FUCK would you NOT want them to feel good, to be happy, to get off?

  2. The only legit answer is “as long as it takes”.

    Or until you’re waved off.

  3. A lot of people are saying, “as long as it takes,” or some variation and I do agree with that, but I’d say a reasonable time is a half hour. Longer than that and my neck hurts for days.

  4. It depends on the person. There can be a lot of factors as to why people do it longer or lesser. Love doing it or hate doing it/thought of it.

    Hygienic purposes, personal preference, bad experience, good experience, personal pleasure whether it’s due to seeing your partner get pleasure from it or the person just loves doing it, or thinking of it as a task

    And it is okay to ask, but do not demand or enforce if your partner is unwilling to meet your requests. Also, try to return the favor most of the time. That usually helps if you want to ask or expect for more next time.

    Personally, i like doing it because I love seeing what it does to my partner. And she usually gets orgasms from it.

    And I don’t think it is selfish of your partner to not give you orgasms thru other method, as long as he is making you orgasm and he does as well. It really is just personal preference most of the time.

    My suggestion is to talk to your partner, tell him that you think you haven’t really had an “orgasm” before, even when it seems like you do thru PIV. And then suggest things like oral, using fingers or a combination of both to see if you can finally experience what it is that you are longing for.

    Keep in mind that it takes time and skill to get this right (from whoever is giving) and also do not forget to communicate when your partner is doing something right or wrong. Because as a man, I really don’t know what is going on down there other than it gets wetter. There are times that I “think” I’m doing the right thing because of body language or moans but all I’m really doing is either rubbing it too hard or on the wrong place/spot or going too fast, too slow, not enough pressure, too much pressure, etc. so communicate in the process. This will help him help YOU climax.

  5. It’s one of the only ways I can really have an orgasm because I don’t like the feeling of my clit getting pummelled , I like the softness of my partner’s tongue, and light touching. He will do it for as long as it takes, which is usually anywhere from 10-20 minutes 🙂

  6. LOL Yeah no woman is able to cum in 30 seconds unless miraculously she’s a God and able to do so. Usually takes anywhere from 15-20 min on average I would say given appropriate warm up and foreplay. But sometimes it can take 30-45 minutes too.

  7. I go by the old dominoes pizza rule of “30 minutes or less”. By the 30 minute mark my tongue is tired along with my neck being sore, and I’ll take a break to change positions before going back in. The or less part is they say no more because they have orgasm and the sensation is too much to where it is painful until they have had a break to cool down.

  8. My husband eats me for as long as it takes to get me off as he knows it’s unlikely I’ll come from piv

  9. I eat it until she can’t take anymore and she’s pushing me away. That usually takes at least 5 minutes, sometimes as long as 15 or 20.

  10. Until my wife has an orgasm .
    10-30 minutes. Occasionally longer with break’s for my jaw, titty grabbing piv or something

  11. As long as she wants!!!!! As long as she’s giving some kind of feedback she’s enjoying it then I love it and will go as long as needed! Tongues can get tired, but you can always rest the tongue a bit and go to a more lips oriented “kissing” mode for a bit. Maybe switch to hands/fingers a bit if that’s also enjoyed. In general switching things up works well for both partners unless she’s getting close and needs consistency to bring things over the edge so to speak. Most women seem to say, “If I’m getting close DO NOT STOP AND DO NOT CHANGE WHAT YOU ARE DOING.”

    There’s no right or wrong here. “As long as both people want to keep doing it” I think is the best general answer. But some women can orgasm pretty quick from it and some of those women will want you to leave it the hell alone afterwards due to post orgasm sensitivity. And other women will be happy to have you go down on them for hours to have an orgasm. or just float from orgasm to orgasm. Huge variety there.

    Some guys (like myself) absolutely love going down on an enthusiastic lover, but others are not turned on by putting their mouth on a vulva and others find it actually unpleasant.

    Without asking him, it’s pretty hard to say how he feels about it. He may like it, but isn’t sure how much you like it? Maybe he doesn’t care either way, doesn’t mind, would be happy to do it more, but without knowing for sure he just does a quick thing as part of a foreplay routine.

    Ask him to do it longer. Say what you like about what he does do! Give constructive criticism by asking for what you want in a sexy turned on voice. I’m happy to take most advice/requests if she says it sexy! If he doesn’t do it long enough after you ask him to, consider asking him what he does and doesn’t like about going down on you. Maybe he doesn’t really like it and that’s ok, people are allowed to like or dislike things. Maybe there’s something you can do to make him like it more and maybe not. But if he’s not into it and that’s not going to change, you just have to factor that into your assessment of how compatible you two are. If he’s just selfish and doesn’t care about your pleasure, dump him. There’s no shortage of guys who don’t care about a woman’s pleasure, but there’s no shortage of guys who do care and are not getting the dates/sex/relationships they hope to. So don’t keep rewarding the assholes with sex I’d say.

    But probably some basic requests and communication will do the trick here!

  12. Generally, my goal is to give an orgasm before we even start PIV.

    It’s for our benefit too. It’s a safety net. If we cum too soon, it’s much less of a problem if there was already an O beforehand.

  13. I could probably go 5 minutes before my mouth starts to get sore. I don’t do oral though because my wife doesn’t ask, and whenever I try I can’t figure out how to do it well
    I think oral is kind of a complex issue really, so the real objective here is a satisfying non-penetrative orgasm.

    You should be asking for what you want, everybody should, even though that comes with some mental overhead. If he isn’t willing or able to give you oral, he should be compensating with fingers or toys.

  14. Depends on the woman and what she wants.

    I would say at least until she cums. But sometimes it’s until she cums so many times you both need a break.

    In my experience the time from start to her first orgasm depends a lot on other foreplay and her level of excitement. Could be a few minutes, could be 10 or 15 minutes. But 30 seconds and then stopping? That’s bullshit and it certainly isn’t enough. That’s like asking if you want to be intimate, then shaking hands and leaving.

  15. Typically until she orgasms or she says she wants me inside her. I find it hot that I can get her off with just my mouth and that she wants my penis. In practice, this is usually about 10-15mins purely on oral (estimate, I haven’t bothered to actually time it). Of course, there are also times when we’d skip oral.

  16. I usually stay down there until she finishes, and then I gently lick the inner/outer labia for another minute or two (in spots that still feel good but aren’t too sensitive).

    Sometimes, she can tell that she isn’t going to get there, and she’ll pull my head up. But I never stop until she is ready for me to stop.

  17. This isn’t difficult.
    I stop giving oral to my wife when she tells me to stop.
    Oral is normally foreplay, her vibrator makes her orgasm.

    You should find a more giving partner. 30 seconds may be enough for a man to cum, but certainly not a woman.

  18. As long as she can stand it before she gets too sensitive — and usually beyond that if she doesn’t safe word. I like to make her orgasm and then keep going in a sort of pleasure overload manner. Then on to aftercare (water, food, and she likes tight tight cuddling so I will even lay on top of her and let her bask post orgasm).

    There’s two ways I go down on her and we joke about it. Sometimes it’s for her. Sometimes it’s for me. I just love it so fucking much.

  19. Show him what 30 seconds does. If he only gives OP 30, then that is all HE gets. Then explain the reasoning behind it. If he complains, that is his problem.

  20. It really depends if your partner is into giving oral. Some guys get off on it, and some don’t. I personally love it, and will stay down there until she orgasms, but everyone is different.

    Taste is a big thing too. I’ll be brutally honest and say I’ve given oral and was completely turned off by the taste, but thankfully I have a girlfriend that tastes sweet as honey, so I’m all about it.

    Maybe your partners were lying to you and were just being nice by saying you taste good? Every guy has his own preference, so it’s nothing to get upset about, you just have to find the one that loves giving you oral.

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