how do i swallow Please help

21f. I have tried many times before with partners and hookups but I am just not able to. The thought of it turns me on and I want to please my partner, but whenever someone fucks me in my mouth I immediately gasp. I don’t know why, because I really want to swallow, and mentally it doesn’t bother me at all. It’s semen so it doesn’t taste great but I really don’t think it’s the taste that’s making me giggle?? I heard it’s easier if you swallow right away because he’s cumming. Is it true? Does anyone have any suggestions or has anyone gone through something similar? Thank you in advance

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  1. I think it’s kinda like swallowing medicine – your brain is trying to stop you from ingesting something that isn’t food, and it doesn’t matter whether you know in your rational mind that it’s harmless. It’s a natural survival mechanism that’s so deeply ingrained it’s hard to overcome.

    I recommend starting out with a very small amount of cum rather than a whole load and working your way up from there.

  2. It’s like learning to put contacts in, your eyes automatically start blinking and closing. It just takes time for your body to accept it I guess. It is definitely easier if you time when they cum to be further towards the back of your throat, if you keep really gently sucking his dick while you swallow it’s easier I think, and will make his orgasm last longer.

  3. Don’t do it if it’s not possible. Don’t force yourself.

    If you are fine to let him cum in your mouth but you cannot swallow it, let it drip out your mouth and down your chin and tits. Hot as fuck! Touch it scrub it on your skin. Maybe you become more familiar with the taste and warmth and consistency. And somehow at the time you can swallow all of it.

  4. Honestly havr him cum in the back of your throat if you can managr that. It’s fun for him and better for you

  5. What weirds out my tongue is that semen is base, instead of acidic, that combined with its texture gives my mouth the same idea as liquid hand soap. And since you are not supposed to eat liquid hand soap it givee my brain the “this is not edible” signal.


    Maybe that is the problem for you too?

  6. As much as you may want to do it, it’s not compulsory, he will have just blown his load I’m sure he won’t mind what happens to it after that.

  7. I had issues gagging at the dentist and they gave me a great tip. Raise one leg, just enough that all the muscles are in use. Something about it distracts the brain and for me it completely disables my gag reflex. Try combining that with drawing him as far back into your throat as you can when he’s close. Doing so will send his cum directly down your throat instead of in your mouth.

  8. Its a mental block, that’s all. As soon as you stop overthinking it it’ll get 100x easier, swallowing as soon as it gets in your mouth is far more bearable than letting it build up, then swallowing.

  9. I’m confused. Why are you trying to force yourself to do something you’re not comfortable with? Isn’t sex supposed to be enjoyed?

  10. Your problem is mental. You can try différent things like making him cum THEN tajine him in your mouth after he ejaculated most of his semen. You would only have to deal with a part of it 🙂

  11. Hmmm… start out small. Have him cum somewhere else and start licking it up in small amounts to get used to the taste and texture. Also, be mindful of your state of arousal. It’s much easier to accommodate if you’re turned on.

  12. I would try to distract yourself, make a fist with your thumb inside, and maybe work your way up to swallowing as he’s coming- start by holding it in your mouth first.

  13. Swallow as he’s cumming while continuing to suck. It takes a bit to “master” but it’s super satisfying!

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