flipped condom concern

So basically my girlfriend and I had sex with a condom on and ejaculated right in the condom and stuff. We decided to go again but when I put on the second condom the second time I had it upside down and it might have touched the sperm on my tip. I deleted it after the first round but some may still be there. I was wondering what are the chances of pregnancy from going with a condom that may be slightly ejaculated on the outside? P.S. I have serious concerns so any answers would be greatly appreciated!

3 thoughts on “flipped condom concern

  1. Statistically less than 1%. It’s about 5% given a full ejaculation on a random day. Obviously during ovulation it’s higer and before is lower etc.

  2. If the outside of the condom touch your dick, then it wasn’t used properly. You should have thrown it away and used a fresh one.

    There is a chance there was some sperm on the outside when you used it. That could potentially lead to pregnancy. However, the odds of that actually happening are *astronomically low.* Probably one-in-a-thousand.

    She could take Plan B if this happened recently, which might not be a bad idea, just to be extra-safe.

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