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I was wondering what experiences you all have with pillow princesses. I’ve met a few guys recently and it’s really taking the fun out of sex to the point that I’ve lost interest in it. Note that I’m talking strictly from a hook up perspective here. I realize that due to this nature it may be less necessary for a woman to think about a man’s pleasure than a loving relationship but any kind of interest in this really wouldn’t be too much to ask for in my eyes. But out of the last 7 out of 8 hook ups I’ve had only 1 girl who was even interested in pleasing me (same reason we had a FWB for a few months because it was pleasurable). But last night I made out with this girl. We kissed, I kissed here body, sucked her nipples, neck, fingered her, ate it and even after that I had my pants on and she didn’t even try to touch me. So I asked if she wanted to do PIV which she said she would very much like to do and she came 2 times. I find it difficult to cum with a condom on so I didn’t cum. I kid you not, the whole hour / 1,5 hours he didn’t touch me with his hands once. I know I could have asked for it but tbf I was hoping she would do something herself at one point and in the end I was kinda bored so I didn’t want to bother anymore. Quite frustrating. What is your experience with pillow princesses and do you encounter them often in the hook up scene?

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  1. They aren’t mind readers. Ask for what you want. If they refuse then you know it’s a bad match.

  2. Just bad luck mate. A lot of girls disassociate and just leave you there with a shell. From time to time two givers will meet and it’s fireworks.

  3. Maybe you are finding women with less experience or have high anxiety and they’re not sure what they are too do. Who knows. Perhaps, better to ask some more questions and learn about how they are like or what their needs are in the bedroom, before you take them to bed

  4. I have met many pillow princesses in my life. But thats because I got a kink for pillow princesses, so I search for them haha

    There is always a perfect partner for everyone. And there are people who really love pillow princesses

  5. Take control.
    People who are passive will sometimes really get into it when you add some dominance.

  6. You have to ask. You’re the man. In fact you should be leading the whole thing.
    That’s on you. And the more timid you get the less they will do for you. And now you’re in a negative feedback loop where you aren’t acting out or giving orders and it is getting worse.

    Also you may be gaining weight.

    But also women do WAY more for people who they are serious with and intimacy should get better with each time. If you see the same girl twice you can tell her about what you like, she can tell you what she likes, you can even both try something new together… it’s so much more fun and pleasureable.

  7. Truly bad luck I guess. I can kinda understand some hesitancy in the beginning since it’s unfortunately the case that lots of guys do not care about the women’s pleasure, expect blowjobs without reciprocating etc. and do not make it enjoyable for her, but in your case, it truly is a bit strange. Once I can tell that the guy cares about my pleasure as well and that I feel safe with him (a big thing for me – keep in mind that especially hook ups can be pretty dangerous for women), I will absolutely be more relaxed and be more open about what I’m willing to do.

    However, the sad truth is also that due to their history, for a lot of women sex is something done TO them, not WITH them.

  8. I don’t mind pillow princesses but it’s a bit different on the sapphic side. I enjoy being in full control and being with a pillow princess allows me that full control.

    Understandably not everyone is into that. You might have to start being more vocal with these women and tell them what you want and need.

  9. From a girl perspective, younger we are not too active in sex. The perception is that if we are more touchy and active in bed we are a complete sluts and also society tells us to be submissive and not reciprocate back. Now there are lots of selfish lovers for both genders I have met a few. I will say though something happens when you grow older. You no longer care to much about how weird sex looks, you know what you like, and confidence makes you want to go for it. I have also always been an initiator for sex lately. Just a thought.

  10. This doesn’t surprise me at all, sadly.

    I think women have been conditioned to commodify sex. Because men always want it, and they are in control of when we get it. [consent always must be the number one priority] it puts women in 100% control of when we get laid. I think most men, pride themselves on wanting to please the woman they are with.

    Once upon a time, the myth of male sexuality was “wham bam thank you, ma’am“ I have no proof of this, but I suspect that is no longer the case. I think the currency generation of guys prioritize the girl’s pleasure. I have heard lots of guys [and read similar things here and elsewhere] that woman think sex is such a gift, the man just be grateful to get it at all.

  11. Interesting that I often experience this with men. I do everything for them and they start fucking me without ever having laid a hand or lips ANYWHERE on my body. What is wrong with these people? LAZY

    Hey, OP – HOW YOU DOIN? 😂🤣

  12. I found teasing and antagonizing them a bit really gets them out of their shell. Most of them just haven’t been with a guy who actually engages them. A healthy portion of them from my own limited experience are just waiting for a guy to take charge and treat them like a submissive or atleast a semi-sub.

    Ironically from experience with female friends and their complaints. Then getting to know their boyfriends. Pillow princesses are also the most likely to complain about bad male lovers. Go figure.

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