experience with pillow princes

I was wondering what experiences you all have with pillow princesses. I’ve met a few guys recently and it’s really taking the fun out of sex to the point that I’ve lost interest in it. Note that I’m talking strictly from a hook up perspective here. I realize that due to this nature it may be less necessary for a woman to think about a man’s pleasure than a loving relationship but any kind of interest in this really wouldn’t be too much to ask for in my eyes. But out of the last 7 out of 8 hook ups I’ve had only 1 girl who was even interested in pleasing me (same reason we had a FWB for a few months because it was pleasurable). But last night I made out with this girl. We kissed, I kissed here body, sucked her nipples, neck, fingered her, ate it and even after that I had my pants on and she didn’t even try to touch me. So I asked if she wanted to do PIV which she said she would very much like to do and she came 2 times. I find it difficult to cum with a condom on so I didn’t cum. I kid you not, the whole hour / 1,5 hours he didn’t touch me with his hands once. I know I could have asked for it but tbf I was hoping she would do something herself at one point and in the end I was kinda bored so I didn’t want to bother anymore. Quite frustrating. What is your experience with pillow princesses and do you encounter them often in the hook up scene?

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