Do men fake pleasure?

I was wondering if men tell you that you are good at blowjobs or keep doing it just to make you feel good.

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  1. Some are honest. Some are not. Just the same as some women will say you were great, yet, the woman didn’t even have an orgasm the whole time.

  2. A bad bj is better than no bj. I’ve told the lie that it was a good bj when it really wasn’t. The next time I was more vocal and things were much better, but had I said you can’t suck dick the second bj wouldn’t have happened.

  3. Well depends. Let’s say I’m getting a blowjob and during it my dick is accidentally scraped against teeth, I’m not going to stop everything and say hey stop your teeth are scratching me, I’m going to maybe subtly adjust position or go for doggystyle or eat them out instead. There is no point in ruining the mood when everything is fine and there is nothing to feel bad about. Just change and come back to it later.

  4. I think in this regard it’s less of a men-women thing and more of a people thing.

    Yes, some people fake pleasure. Others less so.

  5. PIV is not pleasurable for me so I even fake that tbf. Women and men are no different in that regard I suppose. Only orgasms are harder to fake for men.

  6. If a blowie is bad I’ll give feedback. I might fake some pleasure or exaggerate the good things while I correct and guide her so that she doesn’t get too discouraged but I’m not gonna just sit there a act like a bad blowjob is good.

  7. Of course.

    We are not all assholes as many would like to think. In a relationship we would be nice to tell her what wwe like and don’t like. But if it’s a ONS why should I cause a bad mood. Also, a woman giving a BJ or having sex is always pleasure.

  8. If the bj is legitimately bad as in uncomfortable, I’m not going to say it’s good. However, if I had to rate past bjs I think like 95% would get like 7/10 or above, because it’s something that inherently feels good unless you’re doing something really wrong. So maybe “good at blowjobs” is true but not as significant as it sounds.

  9. Most guys will never tell you a bj is bad. Are you kidding > LMFAO 😛

    Most women cannot take that kind of feedback without getting their ego hurt. They care more about how you see them than actually making you feel good. It’s facts. They may start to get angry or worse yet get really sad about it instead of just making adjustments to how they do it.

    You don’t tell women things like that usually – not average women.

    I told one lol. She told me no one ever complained. But she also told me at a different time she doesn’t care if a man has an orgasm – that’s his issue….
    So she never made any one cum but she thinks her bj is good. Just no one before me dared to tell her…

    It’s easier with inexperienced women. It’s the experienced ones who assume they know what they’re doing without asking.

  10. Yeeeeeup.

    You’d be surprised at how many women take bedroom criticism the same way as men. If we say anything negative, the bj well dries up.

    There can be no room for improvement if she stops trying altogether.

  11. We do, but pretty much for the same reasons women do. Sometimes the other side aren’t too skilled. Though, in my case if it’s one night stands I just stop them because it’s a waste of time and I’d rather use my hand.

  12. I’ve faked an orgasm more than once… and I’m sure some women have also. Doesn’t mean it was bad per say… sometimes it’s better to have a person fake it. In the moment that is.

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