Advice From A Woman’s POV

Throwing it here, because it’s what keeps reddit free. So, I’ve been single for a while now and started chatting and dating this amazing lady. We’ve flirted over text and shared a few things that are pretty intimate and something that she left out was that one of her least favorite things about her previous relationship was that her ex wasn’t at all would be, under penalty of death, going down on him despite his being regular. (There were other, bigger, more serious issues with the relationship; it was just something she disliked about it.) I assured her it wasn’t a problem, that I really loved oral sex, both of us. By getting an administration and position. Here’s my problem and major concern… When I’m ill-treating a woman, if she’s at all moaning, moaning, puffing, talking about anything like that, I have Have a real hard time (read: damn near impossible) not coming. I don’t know what it is other than I’m really, really enjoying it, or hell, I don’t know. The reason I’m concerned is because in my most recent relationship, I was regularly told that this was a problem. (Ok, in fairness, she never said it was a problem, she did say something like “a possible medical problem” or “have you considered talking to someone?” and “well, maybe not unusual, but” Overused words and phrases are definitely not normal.” This was not said in jest.) The whole relationship was quite toxic and I’m hoping that this was just another aspect or part of that toxicity and that the women Not an accurate representation of how I feel about this… ..and, if it is an issue, is it something I should raise ahead of time or just let it go…? My stomach is getting queasy about this and the good kind of queasy is not…

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